It all began when I was about 3 years old, my parents bought me a $15 toy drum set from Wal-Mart.  It didn't take me long to destroy it, by the end of the first night, I pretty much ripped apart the drum skins.  That didn't stop me from wanting to play, I kept going back to it and kept beating it up.  My parents took notice that I still had an interest despite the drum set being to the point where it was unplayable. 

In November of 2006, my parents bought me a junior Ludwig 5 piece set and cymbals.  This was supposed to be a Christmas present, however, my parents caved in (like they usually always do) and gave it to me early.  I played around with it and my parents noticed that I wasn't just pounding on it, but was carrying somewhat of a beat.  In January of 2007 I attended my first formal lesson at the California Drum Shop.  My teacher was Todd Scheid.  I really liked Todd alot, he made learning alot of fun.  I continued lessons with Todd for close to 3 years.  Around July of 2009, my parents asked if I wanted to attend a one week summer camp at the Paul Green School of Rock Music.  This is a performanced based school.  I attended the camp and enjoyed playing music live with other musicians.

I continued lessons at the California Drum Shop for the next couple of months and continued to learn and grow as a musician.  At this point in time, my parents asked me if I would like to continue to perform and attend The School of Rock on a full time basis.  I told them that this was something that I would like to do.  It was very difficult for me to leave Todd, he was an awesome teacher and a very good mentor!  In October of 2009, my parents enrolled me at the Ft Washington School of Rock Music.  My first season's show theme was "Southern Rock" I really enjoyed making new friends and played my first show in January of 2010.  I am looking forward to continue learning and growing as a musician and entertainer.

I am in 3 shows now my last one was The Sex Pistols vs The Clash and it was great.  My show now is AC/DC and it is going to be the best out of all of them.  The boot camp is going good, I have 8 songs so far and I am not joking, I'm serious, it is going to be fun.