January 13, 2016

Hello, It's been awhile since my page has been updated (almost 2 years, yikes!) That doesn't mean that I stopped playing drums, quite the contrary!  All it means is that my Dad hasn't stayed on top of updating the page for me!

Let's see, where do I begin???  Oh, I still attend the School of Rock and am in my 18th show season!  I am in a Pop Punk band called "Dottie Rebel" and recorded a 4 song EP called "Serenading the Rush Hour Traffic" please give it a listen at dottierebel.bandcamp.com or download it from Itunes!  I received a Drum endorsement from Greiner&Kilmer and exclusively play their kit.  Been part of the School of Rock house band for the past 2 years, touring the Midwest, Northeast, etc. 

I hope to update my page more frequently, so please check back often!

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